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2010 Winners List

Please send in any feedback that you may have on the Soccerfest Weekend ...

  • Ladies 030 and 030 REC ~ should there be any rules regarding how far the goalie can kick the ball?

We are considering decreasing the Mens 030 from 10 teams to 8 teams for next year. We have been short one team the last two years.  This year, we managed to scrape together a bunch of local guys to fill that last spot.  We could increase the Mens 040 as we turned teams away this year after increasing that division by two spots.  Any comments on this matter? 

In addition, we are getting increased inquiries regarding a Mens 050 division.  Unfortunately we do not have the field space to have another division so that would mean changing things up to accomodate a new division.  Any comments? 

Please email your comments to: squamishsoccerfest2005@hotmail.com