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Soccerfest Information

When you arrive at the tournament, ALL TEAMS need to register their team by handing in an updated roster/entry form, COMPLETE with ALL players signatures on the disclaimer form.

2017 RULES : PDF Click Here

Registration table and First Aid Tent can be found just outside the BEER GARDEN at the north end of the fields.

Music will be starting @ noon on Saturday and Sunday ... there will be some great giveaways handed out throughout each day.  

50/50 draw will be held on Saturday in the Beer Garden with the winning ticket being posted.  3 for $2.00 or an arm length for $5.00

THERE IS TO BE ABSOLUTLEY NO ALCOHOL OUTSIDE OF THE FENCED BEER GARDEN AREA.  Anyone caught with alchol outside of this area will be subject to dismissal from the tournament along with their team with a no refund policy.

Beer Garden Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

The CONCESSION is centrally located on the main fields and is well stocked and well ran ... a little something for EVERYONE.

Please support our garden and concession for all dollars go back to our soccer community.

Change Rooms are located behind the concession on each side.  Showers will not be in use this year.

Have a safe and fun weekend!