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The Squamish Soccer Association

The Squamish Soccer Association (SSA) is a non-profit society that was formed to represent and bring the entire soccer community of Squamish together ... youth, school, ladies, mens and referees. 

We are a committee of eight volunteers who represent each sector of the soccer community and have come together for a common higher purpose, goal and for the love of the game and our community.

We have achieved the beginning stage of our dreams and one main goal for the SSA was to raise money to assist the district with funding the cost of having our soccer fields upgraded to a condition that allows the use of them all throughout the soccer season and to create a complete year round complex for the community of soccer for many user groups.  the frist stage has happened with our first ever turf field in Squamish.

This would not have happened if it was not the support the tournament received from all of you!  

We “Thank You”!!! for your continued support of Soccerfest.


The growing success of the tournament has seen a considerable increase in interest each year.  This past year we had to turn away over 12 teams, which is not only disappointing for them but is also for us. 

We cannot grow beyond our means and would not be able to manage the tournament effectively ... so we do not expand beyond what we are.

Going big is not always better!

We look forward to the day that our dreams and goals will come to life.